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Stir Crazy

So last weekend Dad and I found a house as we were walking around a neighborhood we liked. I took note of the address to look up the tax records, and lo and behold the house was listed and expired about a year ago. My hopes started going up, and over the past week I have become obsessed with this house.

Every time we have been interested in a house in the past there has always been something insurmountable. The price is too high, or the houses in our price range have a steep driveway, are next to a freeway or railroad tracks, are on a small lot, have no room for a garage, etc. I really want the next house we move into to be a long term house that we can grow into, but I also am desperate to get out of our tiny house in our crappy neighborhood. This house seemed like the perfect solution. It would be affordable, it’s not updated but it’s the mid-century style we want, and it’s on a large level lot with a 2 car garage.

There is, however, a glaring insurmountable issue. The woman who lives there isn’t motivated to move. She’s very old and according to the prior listing agent couldn’t find a place she wanted to go.

The problem with us waiting is that Dad would have to qualify for the loan. We are about 60k upside down on our primary residence so we can’t sell.  I cannot qualify for both mortgages. Currently, Dad would have no problem qualifying with his salary. However, last week we agreed that he would quit on the 16th of this month to make some headway in his own business. We have enough savings to last a few months while he gets off the ground. However, once he’s self-employed it will take 2 years of history before he qualifies again for a loan. So basically we have to move now or we’re stuck in this house for another 2 years.

We’ll see if any developments happen with this house over the next few days. Dad is willing to not quit if we can move towards closing on this house, but that seems unlikely. If the owner wants to move in 6 months, we’ll either have to pass up the deal or get really creative. Arg.

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If you want to earn a little cash, this is a good way to do it.

I came home yesterday to find this note folded and stuck in my door:

Way to go John! We live in a transitional neighborhood and mostly people come staggering along the street looking like they’ve had 1 too many bottles of cheap gin. These same people ask in an indistinct slur if they can help mow our lawn, gather our leaves, etc. We once had a woman brandishing a rusty saw who screamed at our dog and called me a bitch from outside our fence. I saw a prostitute give a guy a blow job one night outside our window when we first moved here 5 years ago and things were a little shadier.

But John is clearly a guy who thought this out, and who I will actually consider calling to come help with our leaves when they fall in the next couple of months. I hope that he is what he seems, and that other neighbors who are fortunate enough to have jobs will help this guy too. Not with a hand out, but with honest pay for honest work.

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Is your job secure? You might want to think again…

A friend of ours works for a large, well-known company. Without going into extreme detail her boss hasn’t been very happy with her and she just got a 60 day probation after being at the job for a year. The thing is, I read her boss’s review and it really seems like she has it out for her. I know there are always two sides to every story, but in this case there are no issues with my friends work performance, just some really random, nitpicky stuff that has happened.

My friend is 40, her husband is unemployed. They have no savings. She tried to talk with her boss and HR and it seems like they are just trying to push her out without severance. While its their prerogative to do this, it leaves their family with no income. Granted, their expenses aren’t large, but they do have a mortgage. Neither of them are health insurable on the open market. They won’t be able to afford COBRA even if they have the option. They don’t have children, but her father is in poor health and has been in and out of the hospital recently.

It just shows the importance of a back-up plan and savings. Being in a couple is always easier, the expenses and risk are spread out. But in this economy jobs just aren’t “secure” anymore. I don’t know about you, but I never want to be in a position of relying on a person who hates me to pay my bills.

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