Allowing Your Tenant to Repair Your Property? BAD IDEA!

Someone clicked on my blog by using the search term “tennant fix up property for lower rent”. Yes, they spelled tenant incorrectly, but it made me ponder their question (which I hadn’t previously considered).

The answer I would give is unequivocally NO. Not only is it difficult to monitor their work, but if there is any disagreement now that person is LIVING in your house. Heck, if they got really pissed they might not pay at all then you’d have to evict them. Not only that, but if they got hurt doing repairs you might be liable, adding yet another crappy layer to an already crappy situation.

Just pay someone licensed a fair price. Your tenant should have 2 roles, one is to not destroy your property and the other is to pay a fair amount for rent every month. Don’t let your relationship get to be any more than that or you can prepare to deal with the consequences.

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