Is Our Daughter A P&L Sheet?

That’s what Dad asked me this morning when I said that I thought I might want to increase the number of days B’s in daycare. Currently she goes MWF from 8 to 3:30. As she’s gotten older it’s become increasingly difficult to work on TTh when she’s here. She requires a ton of attention, which I love giving her, but there is no way for me to get good solid work done.

Currently we pay $570 per month for daycare. It would increase to about $1000 if we were to put her in 5 days per week, assuming they could even accommodate her. I told Dad I could easily make more than that with the extra time I spend working. I was more justifying the extra cost by saying I could make up for it, but it does sound a little like trading quality time for money. Isn’t this what every parent does who sticks their kid in daycare?

Dad didn’t seem to be super against it, but I think he’s sad that I feel such a strong need to get ahead quickly. I keep telling myself we’re sacrificing now for later gain, but when does it end? Am I really going to be OK when I have 10 rentals? Or will I need 20? And when I get there will it still not be enough?

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One thought on “Is Our Daughter A P&L Sheet?

  1. smallivy says:

    Sacrificing is driving an older car or delaying that trip to Europe until you can pay cash (ideally cash provided by assets). There is no investment that will earn enough to replace the lost days with a child.

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