Property Value Twist

I’m under contract for Rental #3. I have a purchase price of 25k. I was expecting there to be around 15k in repairs putting me at a 40k price for a lower rent than my other properties at $850 per month.

Two problems came up today that I’m concerned about.

#1 – The repairs are going to be a lot more than I’d expected at about 25k. There are roof and mold issues that are going to need some very expensive repairs.

This I could deal with if I got a good enough price reduction. The next issue is the biggie.

#2 – The appraisal came back on Rental #1 ( which I’m mortgaging to buy #3) at only 45k.  At a 75% mortgage plus closing costs I’m walking with about 29k. And #1 is in the same area as #2 and slightly larger with 1 more bedroom.

If you’re an investor by now you’re putting together the pieces. The whole point of mortgaging these properties was to be able to at least buy one more with each mortgage. The closing costs are relatively the same for higher priced vs. lower priced properties, so I’m paying a higher percentage for lower amounts. If a better property than the current one I have under contract will only appraise for 45k, then putting even 40k total into this one seems a little silly IF I’m planning to mortgage it, which I am.

There are other areas of town where there are a wider spread of values, making it easier to have “instant equity”. I don’t like those areas as much for steady rental, but if I’m only going to mortgage 6 and buy 8 more in the next 2 years I just don’t think I’ll have enough cash if I’m only getting 30k out of each one that’s mortgaged.

Plus there was a dead bird in front of the garage today. This just doesn’t seem like a good sign.

UPDATE 10-30 I ended up cancelling this contract. The seller wasn’t willing to go down in price and there are other deals where the repairs wouldn’t be so incredibly extensive. Sheesh. A ton of time for me and the contractors for nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Property Value Twist

  1. smallivy says:

    Could you write a post talking about your though process in finding a rental property. In particular, what kind of yearly rent would you want as a percentage of the price you pay for the place plus expenses to fix it up? Also, how much are the expenses typically once you have a tennant, and what percentage of the time will a place be vacant?

    Does your return from rents tend to exceed the cost of the mortgages and expenses, or do they just about cover the mortgage and expenses and you look for the appreciation to make the profit?



    • momequity says:

      Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m more than happy to write a post about what I think a good investment is here in Atlanta and what I look for. Thanks for the comment!

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