Thoughts on Vacationing

Our family travels A LOT. B has already been on 3 plane trips and she’s not even 7 months old. We tend to go on at least a trip a month (some of them are just a 3 hour drive to my parents’ house).

Last weekend was no exception. This is the year of weddings for us. Dad and I have been married over 6 years, but we were pretty young and now all our friends are getting married too. This weekend’s wedding was in Asheville, NC, which I highly recommend. My dad came with us to watch B (both parents were going to come but mom was at a funeral and couldn’t make it). We went to the Biltmore Estate, which Dad had never seen before and loved. At $50 per ticket at a discounted price it’s a good thing he did! The wedding was beautiful, as was our B&B.

On the way home Dad and I were talking over the financial situation of the weekend. The B&B was $600 total for 3 nights, we spent probably $100 on eating out, $100 on the tickets to the Biltmore, plus about $75 worth of gas.  Let’s just say the weekend cost us $1000. We really could afford to do a long weekend every month if we had complete flexibility with scheduling.

If we were making 10k per month passively after taxes and had no debt (no mortgages) we could easily afford not to work AND take weekend trips every month. How much would you need to have your current lifestyle and not work?

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