Big Box Bank – Why I’m Being Chased Away

I’m so frustrated with Chase bank. We’ve been with them since they were WaMu (AAHH…the days of WaMu!). They have been changing their rules constantly since they switched, not only with the appearance of the bank (migrating from stations in the middle of the room to a row of stations behind bullet-proof glass) but with their policies. Oh, their endless policies.

First it was charging me for wire transfers. Ok. Then it was taking away my Continental mileage points from my debit card. Ok. Then it was the end of free checking, and finagling a way to keep our accounts free by linking them, a process that is a mystery to even Chase employees. Don’t even get me started on how there’s no such thing as personal banking anymore. The people there are untrained at best, semi-idiotic at worst. They don’t know their products, they don’t know the industry, and they certainly can’t help me with my needs.

So now we are getting charged a $20 per month fee for our checking. No, we don’t overdraw, bounce checks or any other bad thing we could do. We always have a few thousand dollars in there. I have now gone in 6 times to get this corrected, every time they say they will correct and then I just get charged again. B and I are going to have to go back AGAIN as they have still not reversed the last charge.

I really think we’re going to switch to a credit union.

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