Extreme Makeover?

Sunday’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition was about a military family who lived in a house filled with mold. The couple had 5 children. The dad was in the armed forces and was deployed overseas yet again.

The family seemed lovely, all the children were well-behaved. The mom was attractive. The new house was large and well-decorated (although I always wonder how a house can be sound that’s built in 7 days. Ty Pennington must have some secret magic sauce he sprinkles everywhere while no one is watching).

My question is WHY DID THEY HAVE SO MANY KIDS? They couldn’t take care of them. It may sound harsh but if you can’t afford to get the mold out of your house you certainly can’t afford to have another kid, but that’s exactly what they did. 4 times. It’s disgraceful that we don’t treat our servicemen and women better so they can afford more, but the bottom line is this is his choice of work, he was her choice of husband, and it was their choice to procreate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that they got the new house. I do think, however, that you should think before you make the conscious decision to have children you can’t afford.

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